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Minor Metals :

We supply an extensive variety of quality Minor Metals. We bring you:

  • Pure Molybdenum
    We supply Pure Molybdenum in various forms such as:
    Rods, Sheet, Wire, Plates, Boats, Crucibles and Scraps.
  • Pure Tungsten
    Pure Tungsten is available in the following varieties:
    Rods, Sheet, Wire, Plates, Filament, Powder and Scraps.
  • Pure Titanium
    We bring you Pure Titanium in these forms:
    Sheet and Sheet Cuttings, Pipes, Slabs and Scraps.
  • Pure Cobalt
    We supply Pure Cobalt in the form of:
    Chips, Granules and Scraps.
  • Selenium Metal Powder
  • Pure Indium Ingots
  • Pure Niobium
  • Zirconium Metal

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